Dear Tatay, Happy Father’s Day!

Dear Tatay,

Did you know that I would always talk to Austin when he was still on my tummy? And one of the things that I would keep on telling him is that he is very blessed to have you as a father.

I am so happy to see how much you have grown as a man since you became a father.

I am confident that Austin would grow as a great man as he has you a role model.

I thank you for all your efforts to keep our family together and to provide for our needs. I know it is not easy that sometimes you would have to work in the evenings. But I understand that you do it for us, for our family.

I thank you for the mornings that you always have a special moment with Austin. That you will always be the first person to carry him in the morning, have a father-son hug, open the curtains, and greet “Good morning!”. You always set him on a positive start of the day.

I thank you for all the times I had to wake you up in the early hours to make milk for Austin. Some nights it may be difficult for me to wake you up. Some nights I would get half-awake random responses like – “delete password” or “sino yung nalipad?”. Creepy. But these are nights that I am happy I get to spend with you always.

Happy first year as a Tatay! I am so proud you.

You are the world’s best Farter Father!

Austin and I love you so much!

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