How to Apply Philippine Passport for Newborns in UAE

After the birth of your baby, you have 120 days to organize the passport and residence visa of the baby.

When our little one was born, within 2 weeks after being discharged from the hospital, we started processing his passport at the Philippine Consulate. It is easier for babies to apply for the passport as you do not need to book an appointment. You may go straight to the consulate with your baby and apply for the passport.

Here are the steps that you need to do:

1. Ensure to follow the requirements.


  • Report of Birth Form (6 copies)


You may download the form on this link:


  • Original English Birth Certificate duly authenticated by UAE Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs


  • Photocopies of the Passport of each parent (6 copies, data page only)


  • DFA Authenticated PSA Marriage Certificate or PSA Report of Marriage (6 copies)


  • Personal appearance of Filipino parent(s) and infant/child


  • Costs

Report of Birth: 100 AED

Passport: 240 AED

Typing: 20 AED

2. Forms will be given at the entrance of the consulate. But if you already have the fill up forms, you may proceed directly to Hall A – Birth/Death Counter.

3. Once at the counter, present all the documents and they will verify the details on the form and on the original documents.

4. Once verified, proceed to typing and payment, which is located at the back side of Hall A.

5. Once typing is done, you may proceed back to Hall A. They can immediately take picture of the baby once he/she is awake.

Processing of the passport will take 3-4 weeks. Keep checking the Philippine Consulate website to see if the passport has been issued.



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