How to Apply Visa for Newborns in Dubai

Dubai has now made it easy and accessible to apply
residence visas. There are over 70 Amer Centers available in Dubai where you can
submit your application.

Here are the simple steps that you can follow:

Where to Apply:


Choose the nearest location that is convenient for
you. For us, the nearest one is the branch at Ibn Battuta Mall.

How to Apply

1. Ensure to bring all the required documents


Required Documents:


  • Original Passport of baby
  • Original Birth Certificate of baby – Both English and Arabic
  • Original Emirates ID of the Father
  • Original Passport of the Father
  • Passport copy of the Mother
  • Residence visa copy of the Mother
  • Original Marriage Certificate (DFA Authenticated)
  • Arabic Salary Certificate of the Father
  • Current DEWA Bill
  • Ejari Tenancy Contract
  • Insurance Certificate or Insurance Card of the baby
  • 3 month bank statement (stamped and issued by the bank)
  • 2 Passport photo of baby

2. They will scan the original documents during the day of the application

3. Once all documents have been taken by the agent, they will advise you to proceed to the counter and pay AED 540 for the visa and AED 371 for the Emirates ID

4. You will receive an SMS notification for the collection of the passport of the baby.

5. Once the passport is collected, you will wait for 2-4 days for the visa to be processed.

6. Once the visa is issued, you will receive another notification for the delivery of the passport with the visa stamp.

7. A separate notification will be received for the Emirates ID issuance. You will be notified once the Emirates ID has been issued and is ready for collection at the selected post office.

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