My Pregnancy Journey

I wanted to create a blog dedicated on my Motherhood / Parenthood journey as I was inspired by other mommies sharing the stories.

So, of course, as I start my first ever blog, I am going to share the story of my pregnancy journey.

First, it was not easy. I thought getting pregnant was easy! I see a lot of my friends getting pregnant after getting married. And for us, we thought it would be the same.

But NO. After my husband and I got married, we did not decide right away to have a baby. We waited for a few months before we agreed to focus on getting pregnant.

At first we thought, OK, maybe we did not count my cycle properly, next month will be OK. And then other months came, nothing happened. Until, it got us both frustrated.

Trying every month with no positive results. It became worked for us. It pressured us as a couple.

After months of trying, we decided to go to a doctor to have a check up. I had my scans and my husband had his test.

The results came, and there it was the problem to all our questions.

I had cysts on both my ovaries, and on top of that, I had an abnormal uterus.

6 cm cyst on the left ovary and 3 cm on right and a Bicornuate Uterus.

I was advised by the doctor, that these are the cause why we are having a hard time to conceive. And the only way to remove these is to have an operation.

The cysts were easy to remove through an operation, but with my bicornuate uterus, we had to search for a specialist who can do this for us. They advised that it is very risky to do the operation for the bicornuate uterus as if it was done incorrectly, I may not be able to conceive permanently!

We went to different hospitals to get other opinions and to find a specialist. I also had to take an MRI and hysterosalpingogram to properly check my bicornuate uterus. We did found a specialist to do the operation for my uterus but unfortunately he will be taking a long holiday and unfortunately as well by the time he will be back, my medical insurance would have been expired (and I will not be able to renew it because our company closed!).

My MRI scan showing my Bicornuate Uterus


Bicornute Uterus VS Normal Uterus

image vs

My husband and I discussed our options. We eventually decided to just have the operation for the cyst removal and we’ll just see how it goes from there.

Fast forward, I had my Laparoscopy at Mediclinic City Hospital, done by Dr Anna David. She was great. She kept me calm during the preparation of my surgery and assured me that everything will be OK. I had my surgery in the morning and by afternoon, Dr Anna and the nurses encourage me to start walking so that I will be able to heal faster.

About 3 weeks after my operation, I had 2 shots of Zoladex (1 shot every 4 weeks). This puts my body into “menopause” so that I will not have my period, and this will prevent the cyst for coming back. This was not just any normal shot, the needle was thick! It was a big needle, and I had to accept to bare all the pain. I know it will be worth it. It was supposed to be 6 shots, but my insurance had already expired.

Sample Zoladex needle


After my last shot, my husband and I tried to not pressure ourselves anymore in conceiving. I focused on finding a new job. We focused on getting our finances fixed as after the lost my job it did affect us financially.

We accepted that if it’s God’s plan, our time to have a baby will come.

And then lo and behold, I got pregnant! At first, I thought my body still had the effect of my last Zoladex shot as I haven’t got my period yet. But I woke up around 2am in the morning and it felt like someone whispered in my mind – “Buntis ka. You’re pregnant.”

I went back to sleep, but it kept me thinking in the morning. So before I took a bath that morning, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I put the test aside and waited.

2 lines, I saw 2 lines appeared! I stared at it for a little longer, thinking that maybe the other line will disappear as what I have experience before. But it didn’t. I went outside and showed it to my husband immediately.

Our first positive Pregnancy test!

positive test

Mixed emotions. I was excited, I was scared, I was worried. I did not have a job yet that time! Will a company accept me if I’m pregnant? I had so many questions! But then I kept looking at the positive test, it calmed me. It gave me a reason to be happy despite all the worries I have on my mind. That day was one of the happiest day of our lives.

With all the test I went through, all the time thinking what will happened to us, thinking will we be able to have a baby even if we did all the tests and surgery? All the tears and the prayers. It was all worth it.

Truly, the Lord knows when the time is right and He answered as well all questions and worries we had.

No work yet? I got accepted to a company a week after we knew I was pregnant!

Will the company still accept me after knowing I was pregnant? They did! They were even excited for me!

Will my new medical insurance be expensive since I am already pregnant during application? No. We did not even spent a single dirham! My husband’s company suddenly decided to insured the family members of all employees!

It’s amazing how God works. It made realize more that you just have to surrender everything to God. All your worries, petitions and prayers. He got this. He knows what He is doing.

When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.

Isaiah 60:22

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