Saving Tips for New Parents

As new parents, as excited as we are with the new baby arriving, we do get excited as well on buying baby items!

We do tend to overspend and overestimate what we really need.

We as couples are guilty as well with buying things that we were not able to use or if used, it was only once or twice.

To share the lessons we learned on how to save, here’s our list

1. Accept Hand-Me-Downs

Babies grow fast during their first few months.

I have friends who offered a lot of their kids old baby clothes. Most of them are still new or used only a few times. This helped us a lot to save on money on clothes.

2. If you are looking to buy new items, search (or research) on promos offered by stores.

Here in Dubai, Babyshop is a popular place to buy items.

We purchased most of our main baby items – crib, stroller and car seat, during sale. We got most of them at 40-50% off the original price. Try using babyshop app as this is where we usually get notifications if there is a sale/promo offered. Babyshop also have Mommy’s Monday. Big discounts are offered during this day of the week.

We also saved a lot on buying diapers at (now, or at Carrefour.

There would always be offers or discount if you buy in bulk. When we do our weekly grocery, before we buy at Carrefour, we would check online first if there are better promos.

We also discovered
The quality of the baby clothes are great and at a good price. There is a delivery fee of 20 AED and it takes at least 5 days to be delivered since the items will be shipped from UK.

3. Buy second-hand items

I was advised by a friend about Facebook groups in Dubai where you can buy (or sell) used or unused baby items.

My friend got her Jumperoo there at 500 AED (original price was 750 AED) and then when her baby stop using it, we bought the Jumperoo from her at the price of 150 AED. We only need to polish and wash the cloth and it was good as new.

Some members as well on these group would give away items for free!

Here are some Facebook Groups I would recommend:
– Little Baby Souq
– Pre-loved Baby Stuff
– Pre-Loved Baby, Kids & Mommy’s Stuff Souq UAE

I also recently joined a Facebook group as well called Dirham Stretcher. They would always post sale and discount offers in Dubai.

Austin enjoying his Jumperoo

New Project (1)

4. Put a wish list on Baby Showers / Baptism / Birthday parties

I was hesitant before to share wish lists during parties. In my part, it felt like I was mandating them to bring gifts to the party. But i know as well that some or most of them will buy gifts when they go to the party. So a friend told me that it is better for guests to know what you really need rather than them buying a gift that you won’t be able to use.

During our son’s Baptism celebration, most of the items on our wish list were Baby toiletries – Baby Wash, lotion, massage oil, face cream, wipes and diapers. We saved a lot on these gifts. It has been 5 months ago since we had the Baptism and we still have few of these items on stock.

5. Sell old baby clothes / gears / toys

On the Facebook group that I have mentioned earlier, you may baby items that you will not use anymore.

Cribs that were overgrown by babies, Clothes which you can sell in bundle, etc.

Here you get to earn extra cash and you get to help someone on a budget.

Final Tip

Before buying items, check if it is a NEED or a WANT.

I know we love our babies so much that we would like to buy almost everything for them. But we need to check first if they really need it. We do not want to overspend and then regret later on.

Here in UAE, sale is almost all year round. But as they say, If you buy an item that is on sale (even if it’s 90% off), if you do not need it then it is still expensive!

At the end of the day, all we want is for our baby to have the best. To provide all what is essential for them.

But let’s not forget the best and free things we can give to them – our love, affection and presence.

Our kids may not have a lot of clothes or toys, but as long as they have these, it is more than enough.

Do you have any other saving tips you want to share? Let me know on the comments below.

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