Summer Staycation at Rove Hotel The Park

Weeks before the Eid Holiday, our friends at the Couples for Christ community and I already booked our stay at Rove Hotels the Park.

They had a promo of 99 AED per night stay (excluding taxes)! Which was a great deal! We thought it would be a nice time to have a reunion and for the kids to be able to go swimming as well.

Patiently waiting to check-in

1 patiently waiting

Check in time at Rove Hotels is at 4:00pm. We decided to take our chances and went there at around 2:00pm.

The place was packed with people checking in and out since it was a long weekend.

The check in took a long time to process, we were waiting at the line for about an hour!

The good thing though is the that hotel offered free (unlimited) refreshments to the guests waiting at the lobby. Servers would roam around the hotel, offering the drinks to the guests which was a nice gesture.

Happy baby after check in

2 after check in

Sample room photo of a Queen Room

8 room photo

Finally, after we have checked in, we put our bags in our room and we met back to one of our friends room to eat our late lunch/early dinner! We decided to bring our own food rather than buying outside or eating from the hotel.

The room was fairly sized. It’s a new hotel, so everything still looks clean and well maintained.

All rooms offers an extra bed which you can pull out under the side of the bed.

Time to swim!

4 ready to swim

After a few minutes of rest, it’s time to swim! It was Austin’s first time to go swimming on a big pool.

Unfortunately I was not able to swim due to the “time of the month” for us ladies.

So it was only Tatay and Austin who was able to swim and enjoy the pool.

5 swim time
6 with kuya ate ninang
7 pool photo

We went back to our hotel room to get some rest again and prepare for dinner.

Austin got tired that he fell as sleep right away after his milk time.

playtime after swimming

10 playtime
9 nap time

The next day, the husbands went to McDonalds to order breakfast. We all had our own meals in our room.

Austin had his pancake and hashbrown, while we had our big breakfast and coffee. 🙂

Morning dip at the pool

New Project

Not enjoying the pool anymore! 😛

New Project (1)

After breakfast, we headed back to the pool to swim again.

Austin was not enjoying it anymore as he was sleepy already! 😀 Every morning he would always have his nap. We did not stay that long at the pool as he was already cranky!

Time to check out!

11 check out

Check out time at Rove Hotel is at 2:00pm which was enough time for us to prepare our bags, take a shower, and rest a little more.

Of course, before we check out, we had our group photo!

Hotel Review

New Project (2)

Location 5.0 stars
Location was close to the amusement park, especially to Outlet village.

Service 4.0 stars
Only 4 stars for the service since it took a while for us to check in.
We also had to request for slippers as our room did not have one. But overall the staff are nice and very accommodating.

Cleanliness 4.5 stars
Furnitures and facilities are clean and maintained properly. Towels are fresh and clean. There were one or two strands of hair though left at the shower, which i will let go, since we were in a rush to check in.

Value for Money 5.0 stars
Of course, with a deal of AED 99 per night (AED120 including taxes), that is really a good value for money! Even on regular rates, they are still more competitive compared to other hotels.

Overall Rate 4.6 stars
I would still go back and book at Rove Hotels. They always have the most competitive rate and most of the hotels are newly built. The vibe of the hotel hip and casual. The staff are nice as well and very friendly. We might book again in the future but on a different location. They have a hotel at Dubai Marina and Downtown Area as well will be good to try as well.

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